Darren The Foulds

2018 Reading List


Non-Fiction PlanFiction PlanOther as I Want
JanThe Pursuit of God: A. W. Tozer The Wise Man's Fear: Patrick Rothfuss title
FebPursuit of Man: A. W. Tozer Title Teammate: David Ross
MarKnowledge of the Holy: A. W. Tozer Robbers Roost: Zane Grey title
AprOrthodoxy: G. K. Chesterton Foundation: Asimov title
MayBasic Christianity: John R. W. Stott Fighting Fantasy title
JunKnowing God: J. I. Packer title title
JulA Quest for Godliness: J. I. Packer title title
Augtitle title title
Septitle title title
Octtitle title title
Novtitle title title
Dectitle title God Save the Queen – The Spiritual Heart of the Monarchy: Ian Bradley

What do my ratings mean?
★★★★★ = WOW! That was incredible!
★★★★⋅ = That was a really good read. I'll probably read it again.
★★★⋅⋅ = That was good. I'm glad to have read it.
★★⋅⋅⋅ = I have some reservations and don't think I'd recommend it.
★⋅⋅⋅⋅ = I finished this book.
⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅ = I haven't rated this book yet. (This is not a BAD rating, it's just not a rating.)
(Obviously I try not to read 1 or 2★ books. Before I start I try to ensure that it'll be worth the read.)